The Complete CFI Binder (Piper Arrow III)

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The Complete CFI Binder was designed for flight instructor applicants, current aviation instructors and even airline pilots who instruct on the side. This book contains the material for each and every testable subject area found in the FAA Certification Standards. Each lesson plan contained within this book is mandatory for the CFI Practical Examination. This is the best CFI Binder ever created. As it not only contains each lesson plan you’ll need for the practical, and to teach your students; but also is “all-encompassing.” This is advantageous, as all of the content that you’ll need in order to study, or teach, is found directly within this book! This book is 740 pages in length!

The Complete CFI Binder, Piper Arrow III Edition, covers every testable subject in the FAA Certification Standards. In addition to all the mandatory meat and potatoes, the text also contains many more Technical Subject Areas that are valuable to a newly certified instructor. This textbook was designed to make our customers more successful by arming them with as much information as they could ever imagine.

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Incredibly Comprehensive

More than just Plain Old Lesson Plans! The Complete CFI Binder was designed to be all-encompassing. We include every required Lesson Plan PLUS all of the lesson content that needs to be taught.

Designed for Mobility

The Complete CFI Binder is a Digital Product created to be used on ANY Mobile Device or Computer. Take it with you in the cockpit, in the debrief room, and even on vacation. Say goodbye to all of those big books.

Easy to Understand

You don’t need P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand the comprehensive material we've included in The Complete CFI Binder. The Binder is clear, concise, extremely detailed, and easy to understand.

Perpetually Updated

The Complete CFI Binder Series is updated on an annual to semi-annual basis (as needed) to ensure that our customers always have the most current, up-to-date material.

To view the historical revision data, and to check the current version. Please review the Changelog Page.

Subscription Product

The Complete CFI Binder Series is a Subscription Product. Your first year of the subscription is completely free and can be canceled at any time. Each year, until canceled, you will be billed $25. 

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Print it When Ready

Even though The Complete CFI Binder is an Electronic Product. We give you the ability to Print the ENTIRE Binder for use on your FAA Practical. Study using your electronic version, then print it when you're ready for the Practical.

Nearly 80% of all CFI Candidates never actually get their CFI Certificate, because they realize how much work is involved in obtaining the certificate, then quit. Don’t be a statistic! Much of the work that you would have been required to do yourself, has already been done for you, with The Complete CFI Binder! Because you were smart, and purchased a copy of The Complete CFI Binder, you'll no longer need to dedicate thousands of hours building your own CFI Binder. Now, by studying this textbook, you'll be greatly investing in your future success as an Aviation Instructor.


The incredible benefit of having all needed content at your fingertips, built into this book, eliminates the need for additional resources, or the act of doing your own research to build your own lesson plans. This book is a godsend for the CFI Applicant during the study process! Furthermore, after obtaining your CFI, this book can and should be used to comprehensively educate your students! The Complete CFI Binder is a resource that has been meticulously and comprehensively engineered to yield successful a successful aviation instructor. The material contained within this book will guarantee your future success, and provide you with a stress-free way to study essential CFI material in preparation for your Practical Examination. This book is 740 pages in length.

The Complete CFI Binder was designed to arm our customers with an arsenal of “quality” lesson plans, which are loaded with the most comprehensive aeronautical knowledge, needed to not only pass the CFI Oral Exam but to also successfully teach the material to your students.


The Complete CFI Binder Series is a dynamic product. It's updated on an annual to semi-annual basis (as needed) to ensure that our customers always have the most current, up-to-date material. In addition to content revisions, we also routinely publish new content during scheduled releases.

To make these updates possible, we have designed The Complete CFI Binder as a licensed Subscription Product. Which means that in order to continue to use our product, you must have a valid and active license. We provide you a One Year License completely free starting the day of your initial purchase. You may cancel this subscription and the subsequent license at any time. If the subscription is not canceled, each year you will be billed $25. For more information about this subscription below.


Annotate & Highlight

Our content is offered in a Non-Editable PDF. You'll have full ability to annotate and highlight all over the textbook, plus you can save everything.

Printable PDF Version

You'll receive the ability to Print a copy of The Complete CFI Binder on ANY DEVICE directly from your favorite PDF Viewing Application.

Digital PDF Version

You'll receive the Loose Leaf PDF Version, which can be consumed in its electronic format while you study for the FAA Practical.

Easy to Understand

You don’t need a P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand our comprehensive material. It's clear, concise, extremely detailed, and easily understood.


This version of the book has been customized for a Piper Arrow III – P28R. Please be sure to purchase the correct version of the book, to match the version of the aircraft you're flying.

Delivery Method

This product is 100% downloadable and printable. Therefore, no book will be shipped to you. The book in the photo at the top of the page is merely an example of what the CFI Binder was designed to look like, after being printed out and inserted into a binder of your choice.

Subscription Product

This is a subscription product. You will recieve free product updates for a period of one year.

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Print Length

The Complete CFI Binder (P28R) is 740 pages in length, as of the most recent update.

22 reviews for The Complete CFI Binder (Piper Arrow III)

  1. John Powers (verified owner)

    The Complete CFI Binder is well worth the investment. It’s an Incredible CFI Resource. The format perfectly aligns with the CFI PTS Tasks and provides ready-to-use Lesson Plans and Instructional Summaries for each task. The CFI Binder is a huge time-saver and frees you up to really dig into the FAA Handbooks, ACs, and FARs, instead of spending your time building 70+ lessons from scratch. Highly recommended and would purchase again.

  2. Alexis Fender (verified owner)

    This CFI Binder is excellent. I did discover a few typos, but with a document this large, it is excellent. It would be nice if they updated the standards to the new ACS/PTS, but I just printed them off and still added some material of my own. SO MUCH INFORMATION! Overall, I would buy again!!

  3. Wayne Elseth (verified owner)

    Pilotnick’s CFI binder is an excellent product. I have both versions, they provide a wealth of information. These lesson plans provide an excellent, and comprehensive, basis for both passing the CFI practical, and for continued use for instructing students.

  4. Donald Borba (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my initial CFI study and it was great to have! It saved me many hours of putting together lessons plans. It’s an awesome collection of information!

  5. Ed Loskill (verified owner)

    PILOTNICK has done an amazing job creating the PA-28 CFI binder. Not only is it a great piece of work and a tremendous resource for budding CFIs, but also a great tool for student pilots. PILOTNICK has consolidated everything you need, FAA pubs, POH, ACS, etc. It’s all there.! The latest updates include all the PTSs and updates, and UND Aerospace videos, so it’s a great single source document for all CFI studies.
    The only drawback to the material is that you cannot alter the text in the book… But I understand this is necessary to protect the companies work from being stolen and/or used illegally. I’ve remedied this problem by simply adding my own note pages to the printed version.. so all’s well. It’s the Best up-to-date, comprehensive CFI binder available today.

    To the PILOTNICK Team, Good Work!

  6. Rose B. Ganim (verified owner)

    Very well done. Follows the PTS to the letter, incorporates figures from FAA publications and the aircraft POH, fully integrates ACS. Maneuver details include power settings and airspeeds for the specific aircraft, clear formatting, embedded links to great videos. This publication is a game changer!

  7. Matt Krapfl (verified owner)

    First and foremost…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! My PA28R CFI binder was a godsend. I read it cover to cover no less than 3 times to prepare for my checkride and I PASSSSSSED (with flying colors)?

    I want to thank Nick and the whole team for the fantastic work you do and for the support I received when deciding to purchase. The best choice I could have made was to study from one source (The Complete CFI Binder) rather than rereading all of my FAA manuals again.

    It took me less than 4 years to get to CFI after obtaining my Private Pilot License. I did this all while working full time and having a family. The amount of help that The Complete CFI Binder provided me with on my journey to becoming a CFI is beyond words! The CFI Binder helped me pull all my knowledge together and have it fresh in my mind during the practical!

  8. Danny Stimeling (verified owner)

    I am thoroughly impressed with the CFI binder. It is easy to understand and includes everything. I showed my binder to a fellow pilot, who is also going to be a CFI, and I highly recommended that he buy this product. Thank you!

  9. Jeffrey Brooks (verified owner)

    Examiner was impressed with organization and detail of the information provided. Great first impression! Excellent teaching tool.

  10. Collin Olesen (verified owner)

    I purchased The Complete CFI Binder not only for my CFI course, but also to prepare for my commercial certificate. I would recommend The Complete CFI Binder to ALL PILOTS, not just CFI Candidates.

  11. Daryl Berg (verified owner)

    As I began training for my initial CFI rating, my flight instructor recommended that I purchase and download The Complete CFI Binder for the Piper Arrow. Having done so, I can certainly see why he recommends it to his CFI students. The material is a significant time saver, is thorough, and easy to use. Who knows how many hours this material has saved me! Because of the size, it is a bit of a beast to carry around. The ability to download the material to my iPad has been great, and is very user friendly. Thanks for this resource.

  12. Brian Browning (verified owner)

    The CFI Binder has all the lesson plans laid out for you. You will still have to study the FAA books to be able to talk about the subjects and bullet points knowledgeably, however, having the outlines, key bullet points, definitions, etc. already laid out for you will save you weeks of effort.

  13. Chris Ellis (verified owner)

    The amount of detail in these lesson plans is amazing, Nick left no stone unturned. I’m particularly impressed with a lot of the visual aides that are unique to these lesson plans and not found in any of the other aviation literature. I especially like the maneuvers guide that has the applicable PTS standard attached to each maneuver, saves a lot of time.

  14. Jimmy Tidmore (verified owner)

    I am currently making preparations for the initial CFI practical examination. I have not seen a better resource for lesson plans and oral exam prep than The Complete CFI Binder. It contains everything you need in one nice and neat package. I highly recommend it.

  15. Christian Falck (verified owner)

    CFI lessons plans were exactly what I was looking for. Everything was layed out exactly as the PTS has it. I passed the CFI practical and I used The Complete CFI Binder by PILOTNICK as my lesson plan resource. It worked out well. Now I’m working on the CFII. I plan to use The Complete CFII Binder for that as well.

  16. Ricky Myers (verified owner)

    Well laid out binder and information is thorough. I highly recommend this binder to anyone taking their CFI initial or just for study. Excellent!

  17. Carlos Campos (verified owner)

    I passed my checkride without any trouble, thanks to this amazing binder! I wouldn’t have been able to create something better than The Complete CFI Binder.

  18. Efrain Rodriguez (verified owner)

    A must have tool for your checkride, no reason not to have this in your bag by far better than anything I would have done my self. looking forward to adding the rest of the collection.

  19. Carlos Solano (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the product. I do recommend it 100%. It helped with the cfi checkride and still helping me with my students.

  20. Luke (verified owner)

    Very well put together. I completed CFI initial in a Piper Arrow and used these lesson plans. They were great for studying and final preparation. Also used them in the practical to prepare for teaching lesson. I looked at several different commercial lesson plans but none came anywhere close to Nick’s. I highly recommend. So much better to study through these lesson plans than to try to to learn from technical writing in FAA publications. Nick simplifies things in a way that I can easily apply in teaching my students.

  21. Ruben (verified owner)

    I am a 777 pilot and avid GA instructor, I just spent the better part of my last trip looking at your manual, excellent work. I have started a project that will train two of our flying club members through commercial/cfi and I will be using your product! Nice work.

    Thanks again for the excellent customer service.

  22. Michael (verified owner)

    I just purchased and downloaded the CFI Binder. Wow, it’s very impressive!! I have my AGI and IGI and this will be a great resource. I will pass on your information to my fellow CFI candidates so they can purchase a copy from you.

    Many Thanks!

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