The Complete CFI Binder (Cessna 172-RG)

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$179 Today, then an annual subscription fee of $25.00 / year with 1 year of free product updates included.

The Complete CFI Binder was designed for flight instructor applicants, current aviation instructors and even airline pilots who instruct on the side. This book contains the material for each and every testable subject area found in the FAA Certification Standards. Each lesson plan contained within this book is mandatory for the CFI Practical Examination. This is the best CFI Binder ever created. As it not only contains each lesson plan you’ll need for the practical, and to teach your students; but also is “all-encompassing.” This is advantageous, as all of the content that you’ll need in order to study, or teach, is found directly within this book! This book is 724 pages in length!

The Complete CFI Binder, Cessna 172-RG Edition, covers every testable subject in the FAA Certification Standards. In addition to all the mandatory meat and potatoes, the text also contains many more Technical Subject Areas that are valuable to a newly certified instructor. This textbook was designed to make our customers more successful by arming them with as much information as they could ever imagine.

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Incredibly Comprehensive

More than just Plain Old Lesson Plans! The Complete CFI Binder was designed to be all-encompassing. We include every required Lesson Plan PLUS all of the lesson content that needs to be taught.

Designed for Mobility

The Complete CFI Binder is a Digital Product created to be used on ANY Mobile Device or Computer. Take it with you in the cockpit, in the debrief room, and even on vacation. Say goodbye to all of those big books.

Easy to Understand

You don’t need P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand the comprehensive material we've included in The Complete CFI Binder. The Binder is clear, concise, extremely detailed, and easy to understand.

Perpetually Updated

The Complete CFI Binder Series is updated on an annual to semi-annual basis (as needed) to ensure that our customers always have the most current, up-to-date material.

To view the historical revision data, and to check the current version. Please review the Changelog Page.

Subscription Product

The Complete CFI Binder Series is a Subscription Product. Your first year of the subscription is completely free and can be canceled at any time. Each year, until canceled, you will be billed $25. 

For more information about this subscription, please read about it here.

Print it When Ready

Even though The Complete CFI Binder is an Electronic Product. We give you the ability to Print the ENTIRE Binder for use on your FAA Practical. Study using your electronic version, then print it when you're ready for the Practical.

Nearly 80% of all CFI Candidates never actually get their CFI Certificate, because they realize how much work is involved in obtaining the certificate, then quit. Don’t be a statistic! Much of the work that you would have been required to do yourself, has already been done for you, with The Complete CFI Binder! Because you were smart, and purchased a copy of The Complete CFI Binder, you'll no longer need to dedicate thousands of hours building your own CFI Binder. Now, by studying this textbook, you'll be greatly investing in your future success as an Aviation Instructor.


The incredible benefit of having all needed content at your fingertips, built into this book, eliminates the need for additional resources, or the act of doing your own research to build your own lesson plans. This book is a godsend for the CFI Applicant during the study process! Furthermore, after obtaining your CFI, this book can and should be used to comprehensively educate your students! The Complete CFI Binder is a resource that has been meticulously and comprehensively engineered to yield successful a successful aviation instructor. The material contained within this book will guarantee your future success, and provide you with a stress-free way to study essential CFI material in preparation for your Practical Examination. This book is 724 pages in length.

The Complete CFI Binder was designed to arm our customers with an arsenal of “quality” lesson plans, which are loaded with the most comprehensive aeronautical knowledge, needed to not only pass the CFI Oral Exam but to also successfully teach the material to your students.


The Complete CFI Binder Series is a dynamic product. It's updated on an annual to semi-annual basis (as needed) to ensure that our customers always have the most current, up-to-date material. In addition to content revisions, we also routinely publish new content during scheduled releases.

To make these updates possible, we have designed The Complete CFI Binder as a licensed Subscription Product. Which means that in order to continue to use our product, you must have a valid and active license. We provide you a One Year License completely free starting the day of your initial purchase. You may cancel this subscription and the subsequent license at any time. If the subscription is not canceled, each year you will be billed $25. For more information about this subscription below.


Annotate & Highlight

Our content is offered in a Non-Editable PDF. You'll have full ability to annotate and highlight all over the textbook, plus you can save everything.

Printable PDF Version

You'll receive the ability to Print a copy of The Complete CFI Binder on ANY DEVICE directly from your favorite PDF Viewing Application.

Digital PDF Version

You'll receive the Loose Leaf PDF Version, which can be consumed in its electronic format while you study for the FAA Practical.

Easy to Understand

You don’t need a P.H.D. in Aeronautics to understand our comprehensive material. It's clear, concise, extremely detailed, and easily understood.


This version of the book has been customized for a Cessna 172 RG Cutlass. Please be sure to purchase the correct version of the book, to match the version of the aircraft you're flying.

Delivery Method

This product is 100% downloadable and printable. Therefore, no book will be shipped to you. The book in the photo at the top of the page is merely an example of what the CFI Binder was designed to look like, after being printed out and inserted into a binder of your choice.

Subscription Product

This is a subscription product. You will recieve free product updates for a period of one year.

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Print Length

The Complete CFI Binder (C-172RG) is 724 pages in length, as of the most recent update.

31 reviews for The Complete CFI Binder (Cessna 172-RG)

  1. Alexis Lawrence (verified owner)

    The Complete CFI Binder is a great tool for anyone who is wanting to become an instructor. The lay out of the material makes it easy to understand and teach. One thing I love about this book is that it includes the regulations in different lessons. It also provides several visual aids which make it easier for students to understand. The CFI Binder saved me hundreds of hours from having to prepare all of the lesson plans. This book, paired with the PHAK, will make you a well prepared and knowledgeable instructor.

  2. Manny Ramirez (verified owner)

    This is a well thought out and well structured CFI Binder. The fact that they keep updating is great and I’m more than happy with the quality of the product. I’m definitely going to get the CFII Binder because I soon will be teaching Instrument students and the CFI Binder has helped me give better ground lessons.

  3. Nicholas Rizzo (verified owner)

    Out of all the assets I used to prepare for my CFI rating, the CFI Binder was hands down the best resource to guiding my research of topics as well as preparing my lessons. I was very prepared on check ride day thanks to the CFI Binder and I am now purchasing the CFII version for my instrument instructor.

  4. Scott Samson (verified owner)

    I score The Complete CFI Binder a 5 outta 5! The product contains a great deal of detailed information that is kept up to date. The Complete CFI Binder helped me successfully pass my Oral and CFI Checkride! I refer back to it whenever I have questions while teaching my students!

  5. Derek Dimock (verified owner)

    The Complete CFI Binder is an amazing tool for flight instructors. When they say “complete”, they mean it. It is thoroughly constructed, visually easy to follow, and organized to follow the PTS categories. I used it for my CFI checkride and found it so thorough it has become my sidekick for my first flight instructor job!

    Thanks PilotNick!

  6. Steven Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I was struggling keeping up with all the books, documents etc needed to create my Lesson plans, I decided to give PILOTNICK a try after hearing great things about them, and I’m glad I did. All the information, graphs, references etc are rich in the lesson plans. There’s no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ here. All the material is ready for you to study, learn and most importantly to teach from. I was a little hesitant at first because the product is expensive, but I purchased it anyway. Once I began using it I saw that the product was well worth the cost, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Thanks, PILOTNICK for a great product!

    If you have an iPad these lesson plans are great as a teaching tool, as many of the lesson plans have videos you can show your students!

  7. Dwayne VanMeerten (verified owner)

    Yesterday was my CFI checkride. I printed out the entire binder and used it for the oral. The DPE never made any mention of it not being my own lesson plan collection. I have to tell you that it worked absolutely great. The oral was essentially a breeze. I didn’t even get to finish teaching most subject areas, as the DPE was quickly satisfied and moved on to the next lesson. I used the PilotNick CFI binder exclusively for my 6-hour oral examination. The PilotNick CFI binder is an essential item that every CFI needs to have in their toolbox, even if they are experienced CFIs. Thank you for a product well designed! I intend on purchasing the CFII and MEI binders as well.

  8. Anthony Rizzuti (verified owner)

    I looked at (and regretfully bought) some of the alternatives available to The Complete CFI Binder… However, The Complete CFI Binder was BY FAR THE BEST! The price is a bit steep, but the graphics are far superior and the lessons are far more complete than any of the alternatives (other competitors products) available.

  9. Ronnie Aroety (verified owner)

    I was searching online for instructional aids that could help me deal with the massive amount of information that the CFI course required. I could find nothing that suited my needs… Until I came across The Complete CFI Binder. The investment in the product is worth it. Especially when you consider how much money you’ve invested in your flight training, and career.

    At first, I was hesitant to purchase because of the cost. But I ended up buying it. It was a great decision. Everything is clearly explained, well setup, and will make your life easier. It’ll help you survive the CFI Checkride! Great content, very colorful, and formatted very well. It will keep your your attention and make your training easier.

  10. David Ketcham (verified owner)

    I love the great high quality graphics and layout. This has saved me from tons of hours of work putting something together of this quality. Thanks!

  11. Drake Ferruzzi (verified owner)

    I approached the CFI prep with doubt purely due to the amount of information one has to assemble to teach all of the required topics. This binder allows one to get a great foundation while still adding their own touch!

  12. Alex Kelly (verified owner)

    I did a one month boot camp CFI, CFII program in January. I did my best to write my own lesson plans but ultimately purchased or was given several different plan packets from various companies and places. Most were too wordy, confusing or just plane black and white from a past era. A classmate turned me on to Pilotnick two weeks before my check ride. I didn’t want to spend anymore money but ended up buying the packet. Great decision: ended up using these plans for my check ride in spite of doing all my prep with other plans. They are that good that I felt comfortable substituting at the last minute and nailed the check ride. Great content, colors, videos, great format that keeps your attention and makes it easy.

  13. Bradley Barker (verified owner)

    I am using The Complete CFI Binder to prepare for my CFI Practical. The information that I need to study and prepare is presented in a very thorough, and concise way. Five Stars!

  14. Denis Breslin (verified owner)

    As the Director of Aviation for San Diego Christian college I found creating the CFI notebook a daunting task for our college-student CFI candidates. While studying for classes, working on CFI ratings, and all that aviation college students deal with in academia – creating the CFI notebook was incredibly time-consuming, and the sheer enormity of the project caused our pilots to put it off as long as possible, and in some cases, do a less-than-their-best job when they did. The PilotNick CFI Notebook is the most advanced and easy-to-use notebook in existence. While we don’t advocate using the commercial version for the CFI oral, we encourage our students to study the contents, then personalize their own notebooks in the likeness of the PilotNick Binder to use in front of the FAA. The binder catches all necessary topics, parses them into “chewable bites,” and makes common sense out of some difficult-to-describe maneuvers and the aerodynamics involved. Many of our students have purchased the CFI Binder and are now more confident that they will deliver a thorough briefing and not miss any important aspect. I have also personally found the CFI Binder to be helpful teaching concepts, regulations and maneuvers to our students. I have also used some of the other resources including the FOI Study Guide – to help encourage our CFI students that a simple, ordered, method is best for processing all the information. I’m looking forward to using the Kneeboard reference guide. PilotNick puts out a quality product and I can’t say enough about how helpful it has been!

  15. Joseph Damico (verified owner)

    I am a military helicopter pilot who has been out of fixed wing aviation for more than a decade. The biggest challenge for me getting back into fixed wing aviation and picking up my civilian flight qualifications was the time that it required. The Complete CFI Binder made becoming a Certified Flight Instructor possible while still on a tight schedule. It saved me countless hours putting my own lesson plans together and it also saved me time in that it focused my studying for the brief and the practical test. I was asked several questions during the brief that came right out of the binder and when I got them all correct we quickly moved on. I aced the brief and the check ride with a minimal investment in time. My instructor stated that he had never seen a product as thorough and complete as my Complete CFI Binder. I will definitely be purchasing the Complete CFII Binder!


  16. Ashley Hall (verified owner)

    I used this to refresh everything for my Checkride and I’m still using it for teaching today! It’s super helpful and I’d recommend it to anyone getting their CFI.

  17. herbert.honaker (verified owner)

    I am really pleased the product and my CFI training is progressing extremely well. Nicholas has done a spectacular job in gathering the information and presenting it in a logical format. The binder has saved me many hours in prep work which has the key benefit of allowing me to focus on “how to teach” the lesson. I am absolutely certain I will continue to use this product well beyond the check ride. Thanks Nick for the dedication and effort! Herb

  18. Jonathan Akre (verified owner)

    The collection of information contained in “The Complete CFI Binder” is more than just outlines for “checking the block” on your CFI check-ride. The material does all that and goes 10 steps further. It has become my primary study tool, a go-to reference which is easy to navigate, and the interactive content is just icing on the cake. Another nice feature is the ability to imbed notes to yourself in the iBook (reminders, mnemonics, etc.) I expect to use this resource for years to come and will be buying the CFII and MEI versions.

  19. Maya (verified owner)

    I purchased this CFI Binder prior to getting my first instructor rating (which was actually my MEI) and used it to study for the non-multi-engine specific areas of my test. Of course I used it for my check rides, too. It is very comprehensive and boosted my confidence immensely. My examiner challenged me on couple items, but I just sat patiently while he looked up the information and proved himself wrong. I knew I had the most current information and everything required to pass the test was in my magic binder. Since I began teaching I’ve referred to it and found it very intuitive. Thank you!

  20. Mike Bills (verified owner)

    This is a great product that will not only assist me in getting my CFI but be useful in teaching in the future! This product goes a step above the FAA requirement to have a CFI Binder! As it comes equipped with all of the references and material needed for the oral exam, and to teach students, after passing the practical.

    The recent change to a subscription based plan for the product was a bit of a surprise, but after careful thought, I still couldn’t think of another product that would serve the same purpose, and be updated continuously for the money. M. Bills, Windsor, VA

  21. Merrick (verified owner)

    I am a CFI candidate in Palm Beach, Florida that was building my own CFI binder, for about 3 months when I decided to purchase Nicks complete CFI binder and was amazed at how well it was put together. My instructor had reservations about me purchasing my CFI binder on line but after giving him lessons on airspace, aerodynamics, and aircraft systems he was so impressed that he now recommends it to other CFI candidates. If there was one con on the C 172 RG binder it would be that it does not include anything on Anti-ice/deicing systems. I Know the C 172 RG does not have anti or deicing technology but a general lesson on it would be nice considering it’s included in the PTS. I had my own lesson plan on Anti-ice/deicing systems so it was not a big deal, just a suggestion but overall the product is excellent and I would recommend it to every CFI candidate.

  22. Alex (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied it saved me tons of time. I just passed my practical first attempt, and my examiner said they were good. Also, getting my CFI helped me get a pilot slot in the USMC, I’m going to Navy pilot training! Thanks again.


  23. Ron (verified owner)

    The CFI Binder worked very well. Personally, I used the paper version for self-study and utilize the iPad version to continually refresh my aeronautical knowledge. I’m in the process of purchasing a copy of the CFII Binder!

  24. Austin (verified owner)

    I was impressed with how organized and detailed all of these lessons were. My examiner was blown away by how prepared I was. Not only did the CFI Binder help me pass my check ride, but I am confidant that it will an asset to use in the future while teaching my students. I plan to purchase the CFII Binder too, and I expect it to be just as detailed and well organized as The Complete CFI Binder.

  25. Thomas (verified owner)

    I let my CFI, CFII, and MEI license lapse several years ago. Getting my certificates re-validated was a daunting task as I had to gather a tremendous amout of information again from scratch. I printed the CFI Binder and supplemented it with the appropriate Advisory Circulars. The examiner was totally blown away with the preparation and presentation I had when he saw all the tasks and lesson plans neatly organized in two 3 inch binders. The oral was a breeze because I was able to reference material when needed fast and efficiently. The Complete CFI Binder saved me months of work! Very professionally done!!

  26. Joshua (verified owner)

    Excellent resource! I’m currently going through my cfi training, this binder is 100x better than anything that I would have made. Nick has done a great job on this, as everything is neatly laid out and all information is easy to find. I will additionally be purchasing the CFII binder soon.

  27. Robert (verified owner)

    Outstanding!! I HIGHLY recommend The Complete CFI Binder. I am a daily flyer with 4000ish hours of jet time. I have prepared several times over the years for the CFI ride. Did seemingly endless lesson plans just get to a point and say, “I don’t have time for this stuff” and shelved it. I have been flying paperless for around 5 years the ability to have all the lesson plans at my finger tips all the time was just my speed. The binder has everything that I could ask for and more. Save yourself a lot of time and energy get the binder study and go get your Cert.
    Robert Salerno Chino Hills, CA

  28. Daniel (verified owner)

    The Holy Grail of lesson plans! Every lesson is thoroughly explained. It’s the kind of binder that not only one should use to study for the practical exam, but also use during ones CFI career. The attention to detail and the continued support that Nick provides is superb. Don’t waste your time or money on any other CFI training aid. Just get the best from the start.

    I’m normally not one to leave reviews, but after my Designated Examiner expressed how pleased he was with the presentation of all the lessons plans, and my knowledge and confidence level of the material, I had no doubt that the Complete CFI Binder was a HUGE key to my success; and it’s not easy to impress examiners… Thank you Nick for your dedication. -Daniel Sanchez, Orlando Florida.

  29. Kyle Jeffery (verified owner)

    My name is Kyle and I am a CFI at Henderson State University in Arkansas. I used your CFI binder to help aid me in my studies for my CFI certificate and it was a tremendous help. THANKS! You put together a fantastic source of information that I refer to on a daily basis when I am instructing and you should be proud of that!

  30. Dean (verified owner)

    I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN A REVIEW ON ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE IN MY LIFE. THIS PRODUCT DEMANDS IT. As a five-thousand hour retired Navy F-14 instructor, I can say with absolute certainty that The Complete CFI Binder is far and away the best CFI resource on the market today. Don’t buy the excuse, “You’ll learn more if you take the time to build your own binder.” Truth is, you’ll learn more if you spend less time copying, cutting and pasting and more time studying this invaluable resource. Based on the PTS, Nick’s binder covers everything you need for a successful checkride and beyond. Well researched, meticulously organized and masterfully presented, Nick’s binder will be a document you reference for as long as you are a practicing CFI. I’d give it ten stars if I could!
    -A. D. Castillo, Virginia Beach, VA

  31. Alex Marsh (verified owner)

    Nick’s CFI Binder is truly the best set of material for CFI candidates and other pilots looking to gain an edge in the industry. Its simple layout encourages you to dive right in to the material and start learning. I found his work after spending several months of creating my own binder only to realize mine was constantly needing corrections and additions. Nick has done something very special that has never before been available on the internet; he has crafted the ultimate collection of relevant knowledge for aviators that is full and complete. My confidence has already risen substantially as I prepare for my CFI Practical exam. Coupled with his complementary lifetime updates and catered lesson plans of your liking grants you the paramount of practical knowledge. This binder is designed not only for you but your future students as well due to its easy to read style. I highly recommend investing in the one time payment and stop wasting time and money on an endless cycle of editing an out of date binder; Nick’s has it all! -Alex Marsh Oshkosh, WI

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