C-172RG Aircraft Systems


This C-172RG Aircraft Systems CFI Lesson Plan has come from Chapter Eighteen of The Complete CFI Binder. It can be purchased a la carte. This chapter is a total of 48 pages and contains a complete lesson for teaching your students and FAA Examiner.

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Lesson Plan Outline

Cessna 172-RG Aircraft Systems

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Primary Flight Controls




Secondary Flight Controls

Flap System

Trim System

Aircraft Engine

Induction System


Carburetor Ice

Carburetor Heat

Engine Indication System

Dual Ignition System

Two Magnetos

Ignition System Failures

Wet Sump Oil System

Types of Oil

Oil System Abnormalities

Engine Cooling System

Cold (Low) Engine Temperature

Hot (High) Engine Temperature

Exhaust System

Carbon Monoxide

EGT Probe

Starter System

The Combustion System

Non-Favorable Engine Conditions



Supplemental Engine Type Training

Fuel Injection System


General Propeller Overview

Propeller Type and Diameter

Propeller Components

Propeller Principles

Prop Control - Forward | Low Pitch - High RPM

Prop Control - Backward | High Pitch - Low RPM

Over Speed | Engine Speeds Up

Under Speed| Engine Slows Down

On Speed

Fuel System Overview

Fuel Tank Capacity

Drain Sumps

Fuel Grade

Fuel System Components

Fuel Primer

Aux Boost Pump

Engine Driven Pump

Integral Fuel Tanks

Fuel Selector Valve

Fuel Strainer and Sump Drains

Electrical System Design

Major System Components


Master Switch

Alternator Control Unit

Circuit Breakers

Primary Bus Bar

Avionics Bus Bar

Ground Service Plug Receptacle

Aircraft Lighting System

Exterior Aircraft Lights

Basic Electrical Definitions





Electrical System Schematic

Retractable Landing Gear

Power Pack

System Pressure

System Operation Overview

Emergency Hand Pump

Indication Switches

Aircraft Brake System

Tire Pressure

Hydraulic System Schematic

Pitot Tube

Measures Dynamic Pressure

Static Port

Measures Static Pressure

Alternate Static Source

Pitot Static System Blockage

Blocked Pitot System

Blocked Static System

The Altimeter




Instrument Check

Altimetry Error

Types of Altitude

Mountain Operations

Vertical Speed Indicator - (VSI)




Instrument Check

Airspeed Indicator - (ASI)



Instrument Check

Types of Airspeed

Airspeed Indicator Markings

Vacuum System Basics

Engine Driven Vacuum System

Vacuum System Instruments

Gyroscopic Principles

General Overview

Rigidity In Space


Turn Coordinator




Instrument Check

Attitude Indicator




Instrument Check

Heading Indicator




Instrument Check

Magnetic Principles

North and South Magnetic Poles

Earth’s Magnetic Field

Lines of Magnetic Flux

True North and South

Magnetic North and South

Magnetic Compass Construction

Compass Card Orientation

Fluid Type

Compass Card Markings

Magnetized Bar Locations

Compensator Screws

Deviation Card

Lubber Line

Magnet Orientation

Compass Errors



Oscillation Error

Acceleration Error - ANDS

Magnetic Dip Error

Lead and Lag Error - (Northerly Turning Error)

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