Aeromedical Factors


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Lesson Plan Outline

Aeromedical Factors

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Medical Certification

Aviation Medical Examiner - (AME)

Apply For The FAA Medical

Statement of Demonstrated Ability - (SODA)

Useful Information To Know

Quick Reference Regs

Various Types of Medical Certificates

FAA Basic Med

Basic Requirements

Revoked, Suspended, or Withdrawn Medical Certificates


Ongoing Eligibility Requirements


Student Pilot Certificate

Integrated Airman Certification & Rating Application (IACRA)

Student Pilot Certificate Application

Medical/Certificate Endorsement Changes

Dangers of Hypoxia

What Is Hypoxia

Hypoxic Hypoxia

Hypemic Hypoxia

Stagnant Hypoxia

Histotoxic Hypoxia

Fulminating Hypoxia

Symptoms of Hypoxia

Ways to Treat Hypoxia

Time of Useful Consciousness


What is Hyperventilation

Common Symptoms

Treating Hyperventilation

Sensory Systems of The Body

Primary Sensory Systems

The Visual System

The Vestibular System

The Somatosensory System

Spatial Disorientation

Spatial Disorientation Training

Preventing Spatial Disorientation

Types of Unusual Attitudes

Climbing while Accelerating

Climbing while Turning

Diving while Turning

Tilting to the Left or Right

Reversal of Motion

Diving or Rolling Beyond the Vertical Plane

Vestibular & Optical Illusions

Vestibular Illusions 

The Leans

Coriolis Illusion

Graveyard Spin

Graveyard Spiral

Somatogravic Illusion

Optical Illusions

Water Refraction



Featureless Terrain Illusion

Ground Lighting Illusions

Visual Illusions 

Empty-Field Myopia


False Horizon

Types of Runway Illusions

Width Illusion

Slope Illusion

Middle Ear & Sinus Problems

Illness + The Free Gas Law

Ear Block

Middle Ear Problems

During a Climb

During a Descent

Sinus Block

Good Information to Know

Motion Sickness & CO Poisoning

Motion Sickness

“Vestibular Disorientation”

CO Poisoning

Why CO Poisoning is Deadly 

Supplemental Oxygen Requirements

Stress, Fatigue & Dehydration

Three Types of Stress




Types of Fatigue




Importence of Sleep

Why is Sleep Important

NREM Sleep

REM Sleep

Stages of Sleep

Stage I

Stage II

Stage III

Stage IV

Napping and Sleep Inertia

Why Do We Sleep

Homeostatic Influence

Circadian Rhythm

Drugs & Alcohol (IMSAFE)



Information You Should Know

Decompression Sickness (DCS)

Causes of DCS

Type I (Non-Life Threatening) 

Type II (Life Threatening)

Scuba Diving Waiting Period

At or Below PALT of 8,000’ 

At or Above PALT of 8,000’

Dive with a Controlled Ascent

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