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College Level Courses

Vast Attention to Detail

Actually Learn Something

Most online pilot training courses stop teaching the student at the Understanding Level. 

We Don't...

We write our course content to educate our students to the Correlation Level, which is a unique offering in our industry.

Enhanced Multimedia

We've Got Lots of Video

Auditory & Visual Learning

If you're an Auditory and/or Visual learner, our courses are designed for you. Each of our courses contain tons of college-level lectures, designed to help you retain the course content.

Micro Course Concept

Learn Only What You Need

Learn Only What You Want

Each course is engineered to teach you a very specific subject area within the pilot training curriculum.

Practical Experience

Courses That Keep You Out of Trouble

Real World Detail

Each course that we build and sell teaches our students information that only exists beyond the textbook and beyond the syllabus. Much of the content we add to our courses has come from our own experiences operating as Professional Pilots and Teachers.

All Experience Levels

Built for All Levels of Certification

Take Our Course At Any Level

There are no additional course materials required to purchase once you enroll in one of our courses. Any and all supplemental course materials will be provided within each course.

Learn From Anywhere

Any Internet Connected Device

iOS, Android, Windows - No Problem

Our courses can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, on any device. Got an iPhone, iPad, Macintosh, Windows PC or an Android Device. Don't Worry, They All Work!

How It Works

  • Pick a Membership

    We currently offer two ways to purchase our courses. A la carte and via a Membership Program (with recurring subscription).

    The Free Preview Membership is a basic membership designed to allow every prospective student the opportunity to evaluate our courses. With the Preview Membership, we unlock certain lessons in each course for unlimited evaluation.

    For a limited time, the Early Adopter Membership is being offered. This membership is designed to allow our student's unlimited early access to every course in our course catalog. With the Early Adopter Membership, the student will also receive access to each new course that we release while enrolled. This membership regularly costs $35 per month, but as an exclusive Early Adopter.

    Each member who becomes an Early Adopter will receive a discount of $25-off per month for 12 months on this membership level. This brings the cost down to just $10 per month for the Early Adopter Membership Level. 

    The Early Adopter Membership level is available for a limited time. Each member enrolled will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to every course we offer on our website (including newly added courses each month) at the lifetime rate of $35.00 per month.

  • Course Enrollment

    After you pick a membership level. You'll have the ability to access every course that we offer in our course catalog.

    Keep in mind, the Trial Membership will only give you access to specific lessons that we have chosen to allow you to test drive our product, free of charge.

    If you've signed up for the Beta Membership you will have unrestricted access to each course that we offer. Each time a new course is added to our course catalog, you'll also receive access to that course, as well. 

  • Complete Coursework

    After you pick a membership and are enrolled in our courses. You'll have the ability to access the material as many times as you need from any internet connected device. Now it's time to watch the lesson videos, read all the lesson materials and complete each lesson quiz.

  • Course Completion Certificate

    Upon completing each Lesson and Module within each course. You'll receive a course completion certificate. You must complete all lessons and modules within the course to receive this certificate.

  • Get Help and Support

    If you need any help or support during your course enrollment. Let us know. Our team is here to assist you. Just click on the Help Beacon on the lower right corner of your screen.

  • Cancel Anytime

    You have full control over how many times you are billed for your membership. You may cancel your membership at any time. There is no minimum term or commitment.

Pick Your Experience Level

  • Commercial Pilot

    Courses developed for Commercial Pilot Certification.

  • Flight Instructor

    Courses developed for Flight Instructors.

  • Airline Transition Program

    Courses developed to help you transition to your first Turbine-Powered Aircraft.