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The CFI Binder is a Subscription Product

Divergent exists to serve you! Our mission is to make YOU the best instructor that you can be, armed with as much knowledge as possible. Behind the scenes, we work very hard to ensure that the product we’re providing you is the best that it can be. We keep our noses buried deep in the books, and do all the heavy lifting so that you can simply focus on studying the material, and being successful!

What Is The Subscription

The Complete CFI Binder Series was designed to be a dynamic product. A product that is perpetually updated us on an annual to semi-annual basis (sometimes more, as needed) to ensure that our customers always have the most current, up-to-date material to use on the FAA Practical, and to teach their students.

The Perpetual Update Subscription is how we provide you with these updates. The subscription isn’t just for simple updates either. In addition to updates, we also routinely publish new content to our product during scheduled releases.

Why Do We Charge For It

Nowadays, it seems like everyone want’s everything for free… We wish we could make these updates free for you. But let’s be honest. Who would do all the work that’s required to keep your product updated, especially if we didn’t pay them to do it?

Unfortunately, no one would do it…

This is why we charge $25.00 per year for this subscription. It’s impossible to find staff who will work for free. We already know the adverse effects this type of mentality has already had on the Aviation Industry. We simply wouldn’t be able to do all the work that’s required to keep these products updated for you, if we couldn’t sustainably pay our staff to do the work.

Free Trial Period

We provide all of our customers with a FREE subscription, which lasts for a one-year trial period. During this period. You’ll receive product updates, feature updates, and you’ll have the ability to download your files anytime you’d wish directly from our website. This one-year period begins on the date of initial purchase and will extend for one calendar year.

How You Are Billed

Once the free subscription period ends (after one full year), you will be charged regular price for the subscription. The Perpetual Update Subscription is billed on an annual basis, at a cost of $25.00. You will continue to be billed for the subscription until you cancel it.  If you do not cancel your subscription, you will be billed the following year, on the “start date” listed on your invoice.

Cancel It Anytime

All customers have the unrestricted ability to cancel their subscription at any time, while still retaining the ability to download product updates for the remaining duration of your one-year, free subscription period. Many customers opt to do this if they don’t want to be billed for the subscription, once the free trial ends.

We permit you to cancel this subscription yourself, directly from your Customer Account, at any time! If you’d like to cancel the subscription now, please do so by going reviewing the following Support Article Titled: ” Cancel Your Subscription.

After Cancellation

Canceling your subscription does have some permanent effects on your product, and your account. When you cancel your subscription, you’ll no longer receive product revisions, enhancements, and/or updates, nor will you have the ability to download any previously purchased files from our website.

Subscription Refund Policy

We have a very hefty legal page that talks about subscriptions and our refund policy. The subscription that we bundle with our product contains a key component called “a user license.” This user license grants you permission to use our product (intellectual property) for a specified duration of time. We use the word “grant” because legally; you DO NOT OWN our intellectual property. We’re simply granting you with permission to use it (hence the license). This is why you cannot modify our work. The license is also how we physically control our intellectual property (who has it, and what they’re doing with it).

Once a subscription renewal is processed, you will not be entitled to a refund of any kind. On occasion, an exception may be granted but said exception will be made at the sole discretion of Divergent Aerospace, its directors, and/or employees. Understand, if our customer fails to cancel their subscription, and it renews, the customer WILL NOT be entitled to a refund.

We Want To Be Transparent

We apologize if we sound a bit forward when describing our refund policy on subscriptions, we simply want to be transparent with our customers, so as to ensure they completely understand how our subscription products work. We like, and want happy customers!

If you’d like to read all the legal stuff that you agreed to when you placed your order, you can. It’s located at https://www.divergentaero.com/legal/.

Updated on June 15, 2021

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