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Kneeboard Reference Guide Table of Contents

This document outlines the table of contents for the Kneeboard Reference Guide. The lesson topics outlined below are included within each of the listed headings below.

General Airport Operations

  • Loss of Radio Communications (ATC Light-Gun Signals)
  • Airport Runway Taxiway Signs & Markings
  • Stabilized Approach Criteria
  • Required PIC Briefings 

 Traffic Pattern Operations

  • Normal & Crosswind Takeoff & Climb
  • Normal & Crosswind Approach & Landing
  • Short-field Takeoff & Maximum Performance Climb
  • Short-field Approach & Landing
  • Soft-field Takeoff & Climb
  • Soft-field Approach & Landing
  • Slip to a Landing
  • Go-Around/Rejected Takeoff
  • Power-Off 180° Accuracy Approach and Landing

Maneuvers For Basic Airmanship

  • Maneuvering During Slow Flight
  • Power-On Stalls (Proficiency)
  • Power-Off Stalls (Proficiency)
  • Cross-controlled Stalls (Demonstration)
  • Elevator Trim Stalls (Demonstration)
  • Secondary Stalls (Demonstration) Spins
  • Accelerated Maneuver Stalls (Demonstration)

Ground Reference Maneuvers

  • Rectangular Course
  • S-Turns Across a Road
  • Turns Around a Point
  • Eights on Pylons

Performance Maneuvers

  • Steep Turns
  • Steep Spirals
  • Chandelles
  • Lazy Eights
Updated on June 15, 2021

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