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Installing an E-Book Update

Installing an updated eBook version is very easy. First, simply delete the  OLD version of the eBook BEFORE installing the NEW version. We encourage you to remove the old version first so that you reduce the likelihood of any confusion caused by downloading a new version. 

Open the PDF Viewer that you are using to consume our eBook. Simply delete the old version. Then go to the Downloads Tab located in your Learner Profile on our website, then download the new version of the eBook.

Subscription & Download Limits

  • If you have purchased a subscription product, you must have an active subscription enrollment to download any updates to that product. If you are not enrolled in an active subscription, you must re-enroll or you cannot access previously purchased eBooks (that require a subscription) or download new updates. 
  • Each customer will automatically have their download limit reset back to zero, each time a new product revision has been released. This action allows our customers to again receive 5 Available Downloads, which can be used to download the new, updated files. 
  • Even if you have expelled all of your five download permissions. Once an update is published, we automatically reset your account (as long as your a subscription customer).
Updated on June 15, 2021

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