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Downloading Your E-Book

This support document will provide you with detailed instructions explaining the eBook download process contained on our website and how to open our eBooks on your device. You will be downloading a High-Resolution PDF file from our website which can be opened on any PDF Reader that you choose.

Download Process

All of our Digital Media is published and is available for download in a High-Resolution Format. This allows our customers the greatest flexibility to print our content at the highest resolution available. This means that every file you download from us is larger than a typical PDF you’d download on the internet. On average, the size of our textbooks are between 200 Mb to 400 Mb. This is a large file.

Learner Profile

All downloads can be accessed by navigating to your Learner Profile, then by clicking on the Downloads tab. As pictured below, this tab will contain all of your available downloads.

Download Delay

After clicking on the download button in your Learner Profile, there will be a slight delay from the time that you click on the download button until the file actually begins to download.

The delay is normal and is due to our server encoding the file prior to it being served up to you. Please be patient and allow this process to complete. It is important that you only click the download link one time and wait for the file to begin downloading.

Each time you click on the download button. You’re actually initiating a separate download request. As a result, the file will begin to re-encode and you will not only wait longer for the download to occur but you will also use up one of your available downloads. So, please be patient and only click on the download link one time.

Only click on the download link once and be patient.

Minimum Internet Connection Speed

Because you’ll be downloading a high-resolution PDF from our web server. There are some Minimum Download Requirements that you must be aware of, before initiating your download, to provide you with a seamless problem-free experience.

Prior to downloading any eBook files from our website, please check the speed of your internet connection. You can easily check the speed of your internet connection by going to the Speedtest by Ookla website.

You MUST have a Minimum Internet Connection Speed of 25 Mbps.

If you are not able to achieve this minimum speed, you should go somewhere that you can achieve it. If you try to download our media using a slow internet connection, especially a speed slower than our minimum requirement, your download will not complete.

Download Limits

To prevent abuse and excessive downloading. We have a download limit in place for every customer account. 

You are permitted to download each eBook product a maximum of five times (5 times). This limit will reset each time we publish a revision. 

You must be enrolled in an Active Subscription to download any subscription products. If your subscription has expired. You must re-enroll to access any previously purchased media (this only applies to Subscription Products only).

If you accidentally click on the download link too many times and exhaust your available downloads. Please contact support and we will reset your download limit for you.

Downloading to a Computer

Downloading directly to a computer is very easy. Please follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Go to the Downloads Tab, located inside of your Learner Profile
  • Once you access the Downloads Tab, click on the button that corresponds with the eBook that you’d like to download.
  • Click on the Download Link ONE TIME… Do NOT click multiple times, as this will only burn through your available downloads. If you have exceeded your download limit of 5 downloads, you will need to contact us for your limit to be reset).
  • There will be a delay of approximately 20 seconds before the download actually begins, as the eBook file is being encoded on our server.
  • Once the encoding process completes (after about 20 seconds). The download will initiate. The download could take a few seconds or it could take several minutes depending on your internet connection speed. Please be patient and allow the download to complete.
  • After the download has completed. You should save the file on your computer in a safe location.

Downloading to a Mobile Device

iOS Limitations – Your Must Use Safari

If you are downloading one of our products using an Apple iOS Device. You MUST download said product using the default Apple Safari Web Browser. You cannot download and save Digital Media from our website using FireFox, Chrome or any other web browser on an iOS Device. If you try to download using a browser other than Safari, your download cannot be saved to your device.

When you click on the Download Link in your Learner Profile, that file is first encoded on our server, before the download process. Unfortunately, Apple has placed some restrictions on Mobile Web Browsers like Chrome and FireFox, which may prevent our encoding process from completing. This is why we recommend using Safari when downloading our products using a Mobile iOS Device.

Downloading directly to a Mobile Device running iOS or Android is identical to downloading on a computer. So, please reference the instructions above. However, there are a few extra things we need to explain. Anytime a file is downloaded to an iOS device, the file will be forced to download and open directly within Safari, or the web browser being used.

  • This happens because the Apple iOS Operating System does not contain a native file explorer like an Android, Macintosh or even a Windows PC has. Because iOS has no native file explorer, there is no way to directly save your file into a directory within your device’s Operating System
  • This is why all files are forced to be opened up within the web browser. 
  • This is a limitation of iOS and NOT a limitation of our website. Because we provide you with a large, High-Resolution PDF, your mobile device may take several minutes to download (directly in the web browser). Times may exceed 1 to 10 minutes. This download time is entirely dependent on the speed of your internet connection.
  • After your eBook has been encoded on our server. It is not uncommon for your browser to display a grey screen or similar. This is being displayed because the file download has actually begun on your device. Be patient, the file is downloading in the background.
Updated on June 14, 2021

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