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CFI Binder User License Agreement

Each copy of The Complete CFI Binder is granted a user license. This user license is our way of controlling who is authorized to possess our product. The user license is granted to one (1) person. The person who originally purchased the copy of The Complete CFI Binder is the only person authorized to use or possess the said product. Licensee data will be imprinted within the publication, at the time of download. For more information on the EULA. Please review our legal page.

Right To Use

You do not physically “own” the copy of The Complete CFI Binder that you have downloaded from PILOTNICK Publishing, Inc. You are simply been granted the “permission” and the “right” to use our product. Customers who do possess an “active” subscription will no longer be authorized to obtain product updates, nor can they download previous purchases from our website.

Product Modifications

Customers are in no way authorized to modify our Intellectual Property, which is why we do not allow our customers to modify any of the content within The Complete CFI Binder Series, or in any other electronic publications that we offer on our website. Moreover, customers are not authorized to remove our branding, in any way, from our Intellectual Property. 

Updated on June 15, 2021

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