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Build Your Kneeboard Reference Guide

This article will explain how to build your copy of The Kneeboard Reference Guide. We will cover printing and binding in the Flight Crew Checklist binder.


Welcome to the Kneeboard Reference Guide! This product is designed to make teaching in the cockpit easier. It promotes standardized execution of flight maneuvers, a better understanding of the purpose of said maneuvers, and will enable the student to visualize what the maneuver will actually look like on paper before it is executed in the aircraft.


You are not permitted to share The Kneeboard Reference Guide with anyone. The Kneeboard Reference Guide is licensed to the original customer who purchased the product. You are not permitted to modify this document in any way, copy this document in any way, or share this document in any way. For more information about usage limitations, please see our legal page on our website: https://www.divergentaero.com/legal.


This document was developed in one of the professional publishing programs that is offered by Adobe. It will print with bleed markings and a botted line around the cutting area. This dotted line should be used as your reference point to size and cut the product for your kneeboard.


The Kneeboard Reference Guide has been designed to fit into almost any kneeboard being sold on the market today.

  • The document should be printed on standard US Letter pages, then cut down using a paper cutter (can be found at FedEx Office or UPS Store) to the desired size, confirming that it fits your kneeboard.
    • You can also shrink or expand the pages as you see fit. Use this if you’d want the text and/or page data to be larger or smaller than the original design. The original page size formatting for the Kneeboard Reference Guide is: 5.25” Wide x 7.5” High. This represents the exact size the reference guide will be printed.
Updated on June 15, 2021

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