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Affiliate Terms Quick Brief

The information provided below is part of the Individual Affiliate Terms.

Commission Rate
Each affiliate is entitled to a 25% commission on all conversions occurring under their affiliate link.
Payouts Process
Affiliate is required to provide Company with a valid debit card or bank account number (ACH) that will be used to process all payouts to the Affiliate unless and until you are advised otherwise by the Company.
Changes to Payment Information
Affiliate must modify their credit card or bank account number on their Affiliate portal. The company is under no obligation to make these changes, as these changes can only be made by the customer on their Affiliate portal. 
Payment Frequency
Affiliate earnings will be eligible for payout 30 days after the end of the month in which they accrue. For example, earnings accrued any time during the month of January will be eligible for payment when payouts are processed in March. All Eligible Payouts will be processed for payment by the Company by the 20th of each month.
Payouts Threshold
Payouts will be made when Affiliate’s accumulated eligible earnings meet or exceed the threshold of US$100.
Payout Fees
The Affiliate is responsible for paying all fees associated with processing the payout. Divergent Aerospace will not pay any fees associated with the payout of the Affiliate commission. 
Federal Tax Documents
If you are a US citizen, you will get a 1099-MISC tax form reporting your commission earnings on behalf of the Company, from Sandhills Development, LLC.

Sandhills Development is the ‘merchant of record’. They are the third party that the Company uses to automate the payouts service and are the ones moving the money around, so the IRS considers Sandhills Development the entity that is paying the affiliate.
Data Security
No sensitive financial data will be stored on the Company website or our website/s. Financial data is securely stored on Stripe servers. Stripe is our industry-leading super-secure payment processor.
Updated on November 8, 2021

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