Divergent Aerospace in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Divergent Aerospace Relocates to Pittsburgh

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PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, May 27, 2019 — Divergent Aerospace relocates it’s national headquarters from Denver, Colorado to The U.S. Steel Tower in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Divergent Aerospace, established in March 2014 has been located in Denver since the companies inception. However, due to the sharp economic changes that both Colorado and Denver have seen since 2013. The company owners believed that continued operation within the City of Denver and the State of Colorado was ultimately no longer viable, and no longer in the best interests of the company. Many Colorado Natives are familiar with the growing pains that were caused due to the explosive population growth that the State of Colorado and the City of Denver have experienced since 2013. The sharp rise in housing costs, increased air pollution, increased traffic, diminished capacity, rise in taxation, and rising violent crime statistics are all reasons why Divergent leadership has decided to relocate the company.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — A city commonly remembered as the steel production capital of the world during the early U.S. Industrial Revolution has become a highly desired location for new tech startups and other innovative companies that harness Information Technology to serve their customers. While the major production of Steel in Pittsburgh is a former thought of yesterday. Thoughts of present-day Pittsburgh reflect a new city re-emerging from the dust with strong roots in Finance, Medicine, and Technology. Pittsburgh is a moderate-sized city with a small hometown feel. The leadership of Divergent Aerospace believes this geographic relocation will stimulate further growth of the company and attract new talent in a city where talent is aggressively being tapped. We are proud to call The U.S. Steel Tower and The City of Pittsburgh the new home of Divergent Aerospace, Ltd.

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