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Denver Phone Number to be Disconnected

On July 1st, 2019 Divergent Aerospace will be disconnecting it's Denver telephone number (303) 872-0566. This telephone number has been the primary phone number for the company since it was founded. The decision to disconnect this phone number was due to the company's relocation to Pittsburgh and to prevent future confusion from customers who have the desire to talk to someone on the phone.

Like many other companies designed around the robust tech infrastructure who do not offer customer interactions over the telephone, we are no different. We also have decided to keep our sales, customer service, and product support fully online via our robust support ticketing system. We have invested thousands of dollars in a ticketing system that allows us to better service our customers by having all the information we need directly in front of us. All without wasting your valuable time on hold.

Other major aviation tech companies have made the same choices. In today's age, the internet and the computer can serve customers who consume our products better than a phone call ever could. And that's the truth!

In addition to disconnecting our Denver Phone Number (303) 872-0566 we will no longer publish on our website nor publicly list our new Pittsburgh telephone number. We haven't removed the number because we are "hiding" but instead have removed it to limit frustration and confusion for customers who see a phone number listed on our website or in another location on the internet, then try to call it because they want to talk to someone.

Instead of being greeted by an Auto Attendant that says thank you for calling, but then tells you we cannot help you over the phone. We have simply eliminated this scenario entirely by removing the phone number. Removing and not listing our phone number publicly does not mean that we no longer have a corporate telephone number in Pittsburgh. Because we certainly do. However, this phone number is only given to a select few.

If you are a customer and have questions about this. Please review our Support Policy.