Adobe Content Server To Deliver Digital Media

Adobe Content Server to Deliver Digital Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Divergent Aerospace, Ltd.
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DENVER, COLORADO, April 20th, 2018 — Divergent Aerospace is currently in the process of implementing Adobe Content Server to augment the Digital Media download process between our server and our end-user (clients). The implementation of Adobe Content Server will require our customers to utilize Adobe Digital Editions to consume our Digital Media content.

New content will be released to clients in two phases. We are announcing phase-one of this process, today. Which is the initial implementation of the software and a partial allowance for certain files (as indicated below) to be served up to our customer using our new delivery platform.


In an effort to try and break away from our dependence on Apple and to give our customers who aren’t using Apple products an opportunity to use our product to its fullest potential. We have decided to move away from using publishing software that was proprietary to Apple products. This means that certain customers who do not use an Apple device were forced to use the High-Resolution PDF Version of our Digital Media to consume the material we publish on their Non-Apple Devices.Because the much of our Digital Media was designed to only be used on Apple Devices, we wanted to break away from this dependence to improve our customer experience.

The High-Resolution PDF lacks all of the interactive features that are offered within the iBooks version of the textbook, and due to the large file size, was very difficult for customers to download to their device. Admittedly, the High-Resolution PDF Version was never intended to be used for consumption, rather only for printing a textbook prior to a checkride. Customers were also limited by the age of their device and by their internet connection speed during the download process. Resulting in customer frustration.

In November 2017, we began using new publishing software and have been hard at work converting all of our work to an open-source EPUB file format (not locked to Apple devices). This hasn’t been easy and has been very tedious and time-consuming. But we are making progress. We plan to have the entire Complete CFI Binder Series converted to the EPUB file format by late Summer, 2018.

Our products will behave the same way as they do now on our new platform; Adobe Digital Editions. This change will result in an enhanced user experience during the download process and will add some additional protection for both our authors and us as a publishing company. PILOTNICK Publishing will be implementing Digital Rights Management (DRM) across all Digital Media and will implement licensing and use restrictions which have been outlined in our legal terms of service for the past several years. More information can be obtained about this by visiting our legal page at will be issued user license which will be in force for a period of one-year after an order has been created. The user license arrives in the form of a “.ascm” file. All content will be delivered by the Adobe Digital Editions software application.


Customers will now enjoy the ability to consume our content on any device of their choosing. Whether that be a Macintosh, Windows PC, iOS or Android Device. Our customers will enjoy a nearly seamless download experience on any device of their choosing and with almost any internet connection speed. We believe this change in the delivery process will dramatically improve the user with our Digital Media.